Monday, July 14, 2014

Dia - REAH

Me: Will you look at this and agree with me? I think it's a REAH (Respiratory Epitheliod Adenomatoid Hamartoma).

Partner a few hours later: I agree with you. I had to look it up. I've never seen or heard of a REAH.

Me: I haven't either in real life. As you saw they are really rare. I learned about it in residency from great attending now at Cleveland Clinic that we send cases to all the time. It took me 15 minutes to find it I knew what it was right when I saw it but I couldn't remember what it was called. I got hung up looking up Pulmonary things in the ENT WHO index.

Partner: Well that's what it is.

Me: Me and Dr. Woods used to drive Cleveland Clinic doc crazy with our abbrevations. It was so fun. For example when we were surgical pathology fellows we would write on the working draft of a case DHUT, or tell him it was D-HUT. He said what the heck is D-HUT what are you talking about. Duh, we would say, ductal hyperplasia of the usual type in the breast (A common B9 entity).

Partner: That's funny.

Me: We loved aggravating him. He is so smart and unflappable it was a big challenge to get a rise out of him. But Dr. Woods and I, we love a challenge, so we rose to the occasion.

Caption: Picture of a REAH.

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