Monday, June 16, 2014

Wandering Eybrows

I accidentally shaved part of my left eyebrow off yesterday morning. Don't ask.

I spent about ten minutes perfecting the filling in of the missing part of the eyebrow with dark brown eyeliner. I was striving for the natural look vs. the alarming lady with painted eyebrows look. I finally got it with a smudge effect.

I was taking Jack to summer day camp this morning. I read that I was covering afternoon frozens last Friday so I knew I could take my time. "Sure Jack, have another breakfast burrito." He must be in a growth spurt he's eating like he has a hole in his leg. As we exited the subdivision we sat at the longest stop light in Little Rock. I'm used to it, it's been four years. I've perfected the saving of tasks like putting on makeup (not much - a little press powder, eyeliner, and lip gloss) at this stoplight to prevent an impatience heart attack/stroke. Today someone had pulled up to the stoplight ahead of me so I only had time for lip gloss. I put on my sunglasses. I had not looked in the mirror yet today so I forgot about the eyebrow.

I deposited Jack at summer camp - his first day of only two weeks this summer so I walked in to sign him up and make sure he had all he needed for the day. I got in my car and put on some music for the ten minute drive to work.

As I was pulling in the doctor's parking deck my pager went off. 911. Shit, a frozen? I'm on morning frozens? Did I read the schedule wrong (most likely). Did our scheduler change the schedule again and I missed the change? No matter, I'm here thank goodness and there wasn't a 7:30 frozen or I would have had to call for help. I called the gross room. "I'm in the deck I'll come straight there."

I took off my sunglasses and grabbed my purse. Forty-five minutes and three frozens later (it was my fault I read schedule wrong) I was finally ready to unlock my office at this ungodly late morning hour and start triaging my cases. First I needed coffee. I walked into the transcription area to check the block count - 130 ish busy but normal Monday. I talked to various staff and partners. I went to get coffee and talked to some doctors in the lounge.

I sat down at my scope. I suddenly felt naked, realizing I hadn't put on my eyeliner. I looked in the mirror to apply and saw the eyebrow. I laughed remembering the number of people I saw that hadn't mentioned a thing but what must they have been thinking? Crazy lady for sure. Oh well. I penciled in my missing eyebrow part and started my day.

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