Sunday, June 22, 2014

Silly Things

My daughter was at a school camp last week, and despite being chagrined that none of her peers were there she was ultimately happy to fulfill her volunteer hours for sixth grade at SafetyTown.

They taught safety to younger kids from schools all over Little Rock - maybe pre-K through 1st? I saw a miniature dollhouse sized town in the gym complete with cars and street lights when I picked up the kids after work.

Friday evening at dinner she was full of stories. All the way there in the car she sang, "Stop! Don't touch. Run away. Tell and adult!" She had dramatic hand motions for each declaration that were hysterical.

Finally I had to ask. "Did you see an alien? Encounter a hive of killer bees? Find a vat of poison?"

"Ha Mom, that's what you do if you see a gun."

My boyfriend asked, "Do they still tell you to Stop, Drop and Roll? How many people have ever had to actually do that?"

I haven't laughed this hard watching a music video in a very long time.

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Gizabeth Shyder said...

I'm just remembering instead of Run Away! it was Leave the Area!

I love watching Cecelia say Leave the Area! While miming running away.