Friday, June 27, 2014

Girl's Night

With some of my very best buds at work L - path assistant, and P - histotech.

We went to my new favorite Mexican place. Lupita's. Never crowded on a Friday night. Very close to my house. Wonderful fresh ingredients. I get this salad with radishes and cucumbers and ground beef (or fajita chicken, or shrimp) and lettuce. I skip the sour cream and dressing and pour salsa verde all over it. Their version is creamy with ground avocado but spicy as hell. When I took the kids they ordered a pineapple treat full of fresh pineapple.

Caption: Cecelia and Jack and Mr. (or Mrs.? Or androgynous?) Pineapple. When the top comes off there is a mound of fresh cut pineapple the whole table can enjoy. They do other amazing things with fruit. I saw this cool watermelon Easter basket thing with watermelon rind as the basket and fresh fruit filling the center.

L told me a story about Dr. Woods that had me rolling. We were talking about doctor fashion. We had lots of funny stories but this one stood out. Once he came to work in light blue slacks, a navy shirt, navy topsiders, and he was wearing his navy doctor's coat. She bumped into him in front of flow cytometry. The whole clinical lab heard her belt out slowly, arms outstretched to him, "Am I blue?"

He pointed at her chidingly, "Enough," as the entire lab erupted in laughter. We all know he was eating it up on the inside.

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