Monday, October 18, 2010

There's No Going Back

I guess this means that at 7, Sicily is officially over princesses. Wait, that happened at age 5.

While I wholeheartedly approve of her costume choice, I can't take any credit. I took her and Jack to the Halloween Express, and after a quick survey of the dizzying array of choices, I offered my guidance. Sicily looked up at me. "Mom, who are the workers? The ones in the orange shirts?"

"Yes, Sicily."

She cornered a perky college-aged orange shirt clad attendant, and proceeded to monopolize her time for thirty minutes while Jack and I looked over his choices. When she was done, I asked her if she wanted to try it on in the dressing room. "No, I'm sure I will look great."

And she does. I love the dainty foot sticking out at the bottom. She hated it - thought it ruined her image, and made me take another picture so it didn't show.

Jack and I had his costume narrowed down to a zombie and a pirate. Sicily said, "No, Jack, you want to be a ninja. See the cool weapons you can get? All the daggers and mom, what do you call those things?"

"Nunchucks, I think."

So Jack chose the ninja.

I have officially lost any semblance of control. It feels great.


The Mother said...

Susan. She needs to go as Susan.

Don't know who Susan is? Oh, you Terry Pratchett virgin. Buy "Soul Music." Once you get through laughing, I'll give you the rest of the books in the series.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I am blindingly thrilled that I have no idea who Susan is. I can't wait to head to the bookstore again.

Yippee! Time to go pop another cherry.

rlbates said...

Wonderful costumes!

The Mother said...

Just one warning--do not read Terry Pratchett in any location where laughing aloud might be considered a form of mental instability. Or with hot coffee in your hand. Or on a full bladder.

Your daughter's probably old enough for Pratchett, too. Mine cut their reading teeth on him. Not him, actually. The books. I think they live in Discworld. The food's probably better there.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I'm doing GI clinic Thursday and Friday this week so I will be mobile (not covering any radiology suites or OR's) and can sneak to the bookstore. I can't wait!

The last time I embarrassed myself in public was when I laughed so hard that I drooled at a David Sedaris reading last fall. Read all his books on maternity leave with Jack. I'm so excited there might be someone else out there capable of inducing catatonic glee.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Thanks Ramona!!!

Kyla said...


BubTar is going as a skeleton zombie and KayTar is going as a butterfly fairy.

Domestically Challenged said...

Where oh where did my comment go? Where oh where can it be? I know I posted it days ago and *poof* it's nowhere to see!

Or did I eat spiked candy?

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I must have been the spiked candy. Or too much framboise. I never saw it:)

I saw the yard boy at the new house this week DC - Ooh la la!! I'm glad I hired new guys. This one is definitely fantasy fuel. If I ever get over the two week crud my kids keep bringing home from school.

Domestically Challenged said...

You know, I really should lay off the Magic Candy. I think I e-mailed you in stead. I remember saying something about painting her toes as they peek out from under her reaper outfit... and YEP! there it is in my e-mail folder!

*giddy clapping* over the new yard boy!