Monday, March 8, 2010

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction III

I'm supposed to be decorating for Easter - I promised a week ago - but all this new fiscal responsibility: checking account, credit card, student and car loan transfers, has overwhelmed me. I've already managed to lose my debit card pin once, and I left my debit card with my sister over the weekend in Atlanta, to pay the bill at Craft Bar. So I am waiting another five or seven days to actually have a debit card - a month after getting one I still haven't managed to use it at the ATM.

So we are into leprechauns at my house - in the early spirit of St. Paddy's Day. Sicily was sharing at bedtime her drawing at school today. "The band of the hat was four clovers in a row, like this." She mimed with her hands. "They were connected by a gold band, and I colored the hat all around the clovers in black. The beard was rainbow. Everyone was real impressed. I think I want to be a leprechaun for Halloween, mom - one with a rainbow beard."

I think they are a little overly awed after hearing a story at my stylist's last week. They aren't the only ones.

A woman was trying to get her autistic son into his own apartment for the first time - he was in his late twenties and had always lived at home. She set him up and went to visit daily for the first two weeks. He had been fascinated with leprechauns from an early age, and the apartment highlighted his obsession - leprechaun pictures on the walls, leprechaun figurines on every side table and dresser, leprechaun pillows on the chairs, stuffed leprechauns hanging from the ceilings. His mother was pleased by the decor - hoping he would transition into independence with ease in the familiar, comforting surroundings of the treasures he collected throughout his life.

He called her around day 14.

"Mom, you've got to come over! Quick! I've got a new leprechaun."

She was busy at her job as a nurse, and answered a little distractedly, "That's great, son. I don't think I am going to be able to stop by today. Are you going to be all right? I'll come by tomorrow."

"No mom, you have to come see it today! It's the real thing. I've got a leprechaun."

"Nice. I'm happy for you. I'll be by tomorrow, I promise."

The next day she rang the doorbell of his apartment, and he excitedly led her in.

"Here mom, in the closet in my bedroom. Come see! It's my leprechaun."

He opened the door to reveal a midget standing in the closet. She cried out in alarm. He was a Jehovah's witness who had stopped by the day before and was invited in. I can only imagine his reaction when he looked around the apartment.

She profusely apologized to the man and led him out. He said he was all right, had been well fed with cereal, slept in the closet, and claimed he would not press charges.

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