Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Incredible Cartoon Talent

Someone on the MiM blog, her name is Fizzy, recently linked to some cartoons she has been posting, on her own new cartoon blog.

They are fabulous. She posted one to the MiM blog called Resident/Mother:

This was me for three years straight. except there were a lot more milk stains - all over my pump case, pants, and shirt. I remember once I was in the sign-out room - I was a fellow and nursing John - and my attending Dr. Styles said, "Gizabeth, you cannot come back to work without shopping. Your pants are falling off." Indeed, I was crazy skinny. No time to eat, only time to pump/nurse. It was ridiculous. A far cry from my waistline a few months previous, which earned me the nickname "Big Belly Betty."

I would add 8 inch roots from only having time to get your hair cut/colored once a year, and lack of make-up from absolutely no time to think about it much less apply it. I'm not really into too much make-up - don't know what to do beyond lipstick and eyeliner (eyeshadow and foundation are a mystery) but even my mom was buying gloss and stashing it in my car and coat pockets as a gift/hint - however personally I decided to take it, at the time. And I don't know how Fizzy could button up that shirt, if she is nursing. I had to wear tank tops under my open button downs for two years.

Some of the other ones are a lot more fun like this:

It's true. This takes work. It doesn't come naturally. And this one:

The one above reminds me of the antics people went through for our yearly Skit Dance, where classes would compete for lewdest medical humor-based skits. It was finally kicked off of campus and disassociated from the University, it became so bad. I think that was after the year a girl in my class shaved the letters "Skit Dance" into her pubic hair as the opening shot for our class' skit. It was a close-up. At the time, I was awed by her shameless exhibitionism. That's just not in my genetic make-up. I think she wanted to be a neurosurgeon.

Keep cartooning, Fizzy! Amazing talent. She does qualify her artistic talent, on her blog (better than I could manage), but her humor certainly overcompensates. You can find it at the link above, if you are interested.


Fizzy said...

Thanks for the link! I was tempted to mention the lack of shirt buttoning but I was trying to tone it down for MiM :) The pants falling down thing was a big problem for me too... one of my more mortifying moments was when a male nurse pointed out to me that he could see my underwear!

I put up a link to your blog as well.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Thanks to you, too. Can't wait to get in the right mood to blog my embarrassing male nurse story.