Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowed In

I sure am glad I kept my reservation for tonight. The hotels are filling up and the sounds of rescue trucks on the highway pierce the silence of the town.

When I woke up to run early I looked outside my window and saw cars whooshing down the highway at full speed, and was encouraged. Ran for forty-five minutes and took a long shower. Packed up my bags for the car in case I got stuck at the hospital. Settled down for coffee and eggs when my pager started going off. The business manager in Little Rock wanted to know the situation, so he could decide whether or not to cancel the Conway courier who makes runs to all the clinics and the hospital here twice a day. After spending 20 minutes hacking the ice off of my windshield and crawling to work, just in time for an early frozen section (is it cancer or not? We want to start chemo this weekend if it is. . .), I called the manager and told him to cancel the courier.

One thing I love about the Conway office is the full wall of windows. In Little Rock, I am in the basement. I got to watch the snow all day, safe and snug in the warm office behind the scope. It was a little tough navigating the computer system, since I haven't been here in a couple of months, but with the aid of my crazy notes from August and support from lab staff, at work and home (I had been kicked out of the system from lack of use and needed some professional support), as well as my partner in Conway who helped me troubleshoot over the phone on her day off (thanks, Amy!!) I made it.

The lab staff here is a much smaller, closer, tight-knit family, and they seem younger. I guess because this is a college town. I had a ball eating lunch with the techs and supervisors, talking politics, and making fun of the various tactics people in the parking lot were using in attempt to get the ice off of their car. One guy was trying to use his finger. Quite comical. During a break mid-afternoon, one of the lab techs grabbed an ice scraper and worked on all of the staff's windshields. It was so funny watching this kid (I am 36, after all, he couldn't have been over 20) being all scrooge-y about his good deed, in order to maintain his cool reputation.

And even though it was a hard day and I miss my kids, I am happy because I am safe, I did my job well, I will hopefully get home tomorrow, and I'm on vacation! No work tomorrow or the rest of the week. I feel much more relaxed tonight, and had a nice long conversation with my sister in Atlanta. I'm not setting an alarm. Maybe another run in the morning - I hand-washed my work-out clothes in preparation. Just in case. I like being prepared.

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