Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Initiative

I'm starting one. Feel free to make donations. It's a drive to spay/neuter peripheral smears. When I'm on X (the clinical pathology rotation, not the drug), they seem to multiply in my box, like rabbits. I'll finish five, feel warm and fuzzy and satisfied, and find six more in my box.

Two of the heme techs didn't donate, so I blamed them tonight, when I had to go back to work and finish up about 15 that I couldn't get to at work today. One of them said,

"Doc, I was hurting for you. You're going to have to work harder, on your drive. They keep on coming."

"Don't tell me Lil. I don't want to know. I'll sleep better, tonight."

I did get to make a rare diagnosis today, one that I have only read about in residency. That was incredibly cool. I can't wait to get the genetics back tomorrow.

Here's to PML/RARA. Go FISH. Funny how molecular genetics can take you back to your pom squad days.

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