Thursday, August 20, 2009

Magic Superpower Eyes

I climbed into John's bottom bunk.  He was still dancing around the room animatedly in his underwear.

"John, come on.  Bedtime.  Climb in bed.  What song do you want?"

"No mommy.  No wait.  Wait mommy."

"No waiting.  Time for song.  Which one?  Miners, Raindrops on Roses, The Dance, Rainbow Connection.  C'mon.  You pick or I will."

"Wait, mommy.  You have to watch.  Watch me.  I have magic superpower eyes.  Watch.  I have to get far away."

I was curious, so I indulged him.  He walked to the side of the room in front of the bathroom door, about six feet away from me.  The closet and bathroom light were on, but the overhead was off, so I couldn't see his face very well.  He adopted a wide stance, put his hands on his hips, and stared at me hard.

"Look.  Now there's two mommies.  Now there's one mommy.  Magic."

"What?  Do that again, John."

"Okay.  Two mommies, one mommy."

I could barely discern in the low light that he was slightly crossing his eyes.  I laughed so hard I could barely sing.

What a wonderful birthday present.  My favorite.  Me, multiplied, by magic superpower eyes.  

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