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Monday, September 29, 2014

Baby Flying Squirrel

My boyfriend was coming in from taking out the trash last night and encountered a tiny creature on the porch. At first he thought it was a bat, then realized it was a baby flying squirrel, probably fallen from its nest.

While he googled flying squirrels and determined it was about six weeks old, Cecelia declared, "This is absolutely the cutest thing I've ever held in my entire life!"

S ran to the grocery to load up on pine nuts and sunflower seeds while C and I frantically tried to finish her 3D DNA helix made with twizzlers and colored marshmallows and toothpicks and e-mailed her science teacher hoping she would take the squirrel off our guard. We got our reply this morning.

"A flying squirrel will not fly with the school but here is a list of Pulaski County Wildlife Conservationists to contact."

So we are contacting but still no word. In the meantime we are the hit of the new neighborhood. The kids really want to keep it for a pet, but we explained to them that it was illegal. "Remember Ivan?," I told Jack - referring to the book we read last year called The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. "Gorillas and squirrels need space. We need to get this little one strong and healthy to live a happy life in the wild where it was born." Plus we have a cat. Not compatible.

S wondered aloud last night at being lost in the forest someday and the flying squirrel recognizing him and showing him the way since he saved its life. C and I laughed and then I said, "No, you will be running in the forest being chased by a cougar. An army of flying squirrels will descend upon the cougar and reduce it to bones in a manner of seconds just as it aims for your jugular. Then the squirrels will swoop you up and take you home to safety."

I didn't even know they had flying squirrels in Arkansas. Hopefully now we all have good squirrel karma.

Caption: Jack holding Drizzles (as Cecelia dubbed him this morning)

Caption: Cecelia with Drizzles

Interesting facts about flying squirrels: They like pine nuts. I freaking love pine nuts - S calls them my drugs because they cost so much. They are nocturnal (squirrels not pine nuts) - big cute eyes! I hear they also like peanut butter (who doesn't?).

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Moving Misadventure

Read it at MiM.

Thanks to stepmom Rachel for the title idea.

Ha, I just thought moving was nightmarish in my last post. I had no idea what I was in for.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Moving is Truly Nightmarish

Especially when the packers pack your cat food and wine and bedding and food and the book I'm reading that I bought in the Atlanta airport (why oh why I asked myself didn't I pack Fizzy's book? I thought it would take me all weekend to finish mine and read four Rolling Stones but I slept very little and was a reading machine) and then it rains for two days. Everything gets postponed. We are camping in our old house. I guess packers don't take people and cats into consideration - they are just packing machines. I didn't know that; this is the first time I have ever hired packers.

Highly recommend The Round House by Louise Erdrich. It's pretty intense so be prepared for that.

I got these pictures from Aunt Effie in Boston over the summer. I decided to post them tonight because my children look truly powerful and invincible and tonight, in the words of The Flight of the Concords, I'm feeling "vincible." They say death and moving are two of life's biggest stressors and to deal with both in one week has been hard.

Caption: Cecelia with sparklers

Caption: Jack with sparklers

I missed this at the event we were attending I think I was inside scarfing guacamole. Figures. These kids are on fire. I need some to get through the next few days. At least I'm not going through a divorce like I was during the last move four years ago. This is easy compared to that. Having help helps much (Thanks S:).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Rant

I was getting utilities and mail transferred the other day. House is mostly packed for move. High adrenaline time.

I stopped by the post office last week to fill out change of address form - I'm a pro have done this many times. They advertised that it could be easily done online at usps.com. Excellent. Easy. I thought.

The other day I went to usps.com. The change of address form was easy to fill out, but then they vaulted me to voter registration change of address. As many times as I've moved in the past 17 years (8? 9?) I've never had to re-register to vote. I registered at 18. I'm 41. It's always been cool. But now I have to sign on for a form to officiate my change of address to maintain my voter registry (!!??!! New laws rear their ugly head).

I get vaulted to this page that requires me to choose one of twenty corporate owned national stores for coupons in order to get access to my voter form so I can download and send it in to maintain my ability to vote. Target. Restoration Hardware. I click on one I have never heard of (Horchow?) and nothing happens. I try to select the button at the top that says select one but it is grayed and unclickable - the only one available to my pointer says "Select All Deals at once!"

Um, really? In order to maintain my right to vote I have to subject myself to an onslaught of e-mails from various corporations? No freaking way. Apparently so.

I finally get my vote form by e-mail and spend twenty minutes unsubscribing to a million undesired sites that have just obtained access to me so I can vote. What the hell is this country coming to.

When I got the e-mail to access the form to send in with a stamp so I can vote it gave me limited two week access with a password. I downloaded it, printed it off, and mailed it in. November is looming.

My partner tells me I am lucky. When he moved he found out at the voting site he had to fill out a new form. "It took forever. Luckily it wasn't crowded, or it would have been a big problem. They are really trying to make it harder and harder for us to vote."

I'm a professional with constant access to a computer and the internet. It was still frustrating and confusing. I cannot imagine the voices we are squelching with our new laws. I think this is only the tip of the iceberg. It makes me so angry.

Sweet Jane

Life is fleeting.

We lost a big one today, suddenly without warning.

I realize, belatedly, that I spend more time with my co-workers than I do with my kids.

Work is family. As much as your own blood. Maybe more.

R.I.P. to the best Jane I've ever known. Love you.